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"Amazing talent"

Mike Stern

Six-time Grammy-nominated American jazz guitarist

“Mr. Alexandrov’s performing style is an astonishing combination of a brilliant technique and a heartfelt sound, coupled with strength and artistic magnetism”.


Vladimir Zubitsky

Composer, Accordionist, Conductor

President of Ukrainian Accordion Association

Jam session in the "Raisin": Oliver Lake and Alexey Alexandrov


"One of the most vivid impressions of the evening became domrist Alexey Alexandrov, who perfectly felt jazz stylistic and did not play "musical circus" on domra, but, on the contrary, expertly found the place and masterfully integrated the sound of his, frankly speaking, quite unusual for jazz instrument in the overall music sound."


Kiril Moshkov

Chief editor of "JAZZ.RU" magazine.

Oliver Lake and Alexey Alexandrov

     Performer, producer, and Made in NY Jazz Competition Winner, Alexey Alexandrov is a unique artist who plays Domra in both classical and jazz styles. Expanding the boundaries of Domra, Alexey has integrated the sound of this Russian folk string instrument into the jazz stylistic. He currently resides in Philadelphia and performs solo and with various groups throughout the US.


     Alexey has collaborated with musicians all over the world including John Lee, Al Foster, Oliver Lake, Kevin Mahogany, Alain Musichini, Bobby Sanabria, Vadim Repin, Aaron «Professor Louie» Hurwitz, and others. His large repertoire includes transcriptions of classical music, original works for domra, contemporary and jazz music, and his own compositions.

     A prizewinner of many international competitions, in 2018 Alexey was awarded the first prize of the prestigious Made in NY Jazz Competition, where he competed with jazz musicians from all over the world. His other accomplishments include the I prize at the First and Third International Competitions  “Libertango”, Golden prize at the International “Gold Iria” Ethno Music Competition.

     In 2015 Alexey and his wife Ekaterina Skliar, who is also a professional musician, created an acoustic mandolin-domra duo. Together they have performed concerts in numerous American and Russian cities, where their performances got many positive reviews. The duo has become a nominee for the “MIRA” World Music Award and a winner in the category “Best Instrumental Project” of the International Music Festival “Ustuu-Huree”. Mark Linkins, Musical Director of Munier Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra, wrote about this project: “Both products of the M. Glinka Novosibirsk State Conservatory, Alexandrov and Skliar enthrall audiences with their virtuosic skill and impeccable artistry. The combination of Skliar’s pure, crystalline tone (mandolin) and Alexandrov’s warm, harp-like tone (domra) is magical.” Ekaterina and Alexey present a repertoire that spans the globe; from Bach duets to Russian folk songs, and from Alexey’s own compositions to neo folklore and jazz.

The Alexandrov-Skliar Duo
The Alexandrov-Skliar Duo

     Alexey is also a founder of ethno-jazz project “Shake”. This project brings together jazz musicians and folk instrument performers and unites the atmosphere of freedom from Russian folk tradition and the spirit of improvisation from American jazz origins. The project became very successful in Russia and won multiple awards. In 2007 «Shake» recorded its first CD album «Jazz in Russian Style». The album was very well received and got many positive reviews. Specifically for this project, Alexey constructed four-stringed fretless balalaika-contrabass (traditional balalaika-contrabass has three strings and is a fretted instrument).

     Alexey holds his DMA at Russia’s M. Glinka Novosibirsk Conservatory, one of the most prestigious music universities in Russia.

Made In NY Jazz Competition
with Michael Brovkine, Founder of Made In NY
Jazz Competition and Festival
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